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Top 20 Places Where You Can Find Online Jobs

Top 20 Places Where You Can Find Online Jobs

The pandemic has indeed disrupted a lot of economies, but, it has also opened doors of opportunities. For example, the current situation has raised awareness on the value of remote working and online jobs. If you would like to try building your career in this industry, then now is the perfect time to start. Previously I shared a guide on how to start your freelancing journey. Here in this blog post, we will look at the 20 best places where you can find online jobs as well as the key thing you need to know about each option.


places to look for online workMarketplaces are among the most common places freelancers go to when they look for a job. It offers a wide range of choices, perfect for those professionals who have multiple proficiencies. You can find all sorts of clients, ranging from high-paying ones to low-ballers, so it would be wise to double-check the pricing before you send a proposal or your application. Here are the top marketplaces online freelancers go to for jobs/projects.

#1. Upwork

Upwork has been around for quite some time. The company started out in a different name before, then later merged with another online marketplace. To use the platform, you would need to create a profile, which would be then be submitted for approval. Only after you receive the approval can you access the marketplace.

To apply for a job or submit a proposal, you need to use connects. Most of the jobs in the platform today would use 4 to 6 connects. Once you use up your free connects, you need to buy to continue applying for jobs.

The platform also charges the following fees:

  • 20% of the fee for the first $500 you earn from a client
  • 10% of your earning if you charge anywhere between $501 to $10,000.
  • 5% of your earning if you bill client more than $10,000

So basically, the bigger money you charge, the smaller fees you get. You will also incur charges when you transfer your earnings to your preferred encashment options.

#2. FreeUp Marketplace

I came across FreeUp while browsing a social media group. I sent in my application to build a profile on their page. It was a thorough process. They would assess your skills and background through interviews and tests before you get access to their platform. It’s a great platform, especially those who really mean business. They have a very active support team and they’re very thorough in matching their clients to the pool of applicants.

The only issue I have with FreeUp Marketplace is the small pool of job openings available. But other than that, I highly recommend using the platform especially if you’re a highly-skilled professional.

So basically, you bid for a job and once you get hired, you bill your clients by using their time tracker. They send payments weekly through PayPal.


online jobs philippinesOnlinejobs offers all sorts of job postings. Whether you’re looking for a full-time gig or something project-based, this platform would be of great use to you. All you need to do is sign-up, create a profile, and complete the verification process. You won’t be able to apply to jobs if your profile isn’t verified.

#4. PeoplePerHour

If you would like to broaden your online presence, you can also create a profile in PeoplePerHour. You will need to post your offers and send out proposals to your target customers. Once they hire you for a job, the will need to pay the agreed fees. Your payment will be sent into an escrow account and will be released once your delivered output gets approved by the client.

#5. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff is an employee tracking and management tool, so it makes sense for them to have a job listing platform where their clients can find freelancers. It’s a straightforward platform where you create a profile, browse job openings, and send your application.

#6. 199jobs

My freelancing journey pretty much began with I have worked with a lot of clients there and have learned the basic skills needed in SEO content writing and digital marketing through the projects I landed. So basically, you need to create an account and post the gigs you’d like to offer. Back in 2014, when I was still a newbie, I offered to write 500-700 words blog post for P199. I also offered to do all sorts of other stuff such as transcribe audio, create PowerPoint presentations, encode data, and more for a starting price of P199.

The payments of customers are in escrow, so once you deliver the output, and they approve, you get paid. You can cash-in your payments via BPI, Paypal and other payment channels.

#7. Fiverr

Basically, 199jobs and Fiverr work the same way. You set up your account, create an offer for $5 and wait for buyers to purchase your gig. Like in 199jobs, you also get to view buyer requests and send them your proposal. Once you get paid, you can encash your earnings via PayPal.

#8. Outsourcely

Outsourcely is also a very useful online marketplace for job seekers. Like the rest of the platforms enumerated above, you will need to sign up, set up your user profile, and browse for jobs. They have a neat and user-friendly interface. They have a large pool of job openings, so it would come extra handy if you are looking for a new position to fill.

VA Recruitment Firms

VA recruitment firmsIf you’re looking for a virtual assistant job, you should definitely consider checking recruitment firms. They have plenty of paying customers looking for a professional freelancer for all sorts of stuff. Here are my top favorite VA recruitment firms.

#9. Virtual Staff Finder

VSF has helped me find a job back in my early days in freelancing. Through them, I met an awesome client who I got to work with for a while. They have a very strict screening process for applicants so when you reach out to them for a job posting, expect to undergo a couple of interviews and to submit specific requirements before you get scheduled for final client interview. Now, take note that once you push through with their application process, you should see it through until the end. Otherwise, you will get blacklisted.

#10. Cool Pixels

I have recently come across Cool Pixels and found a client through them. I have met one of their recruiters on LinkedIn and everything sort of kicked off from there. So essentially they match you with one of their clients and you undergo their screening procedure. If you pass or if you get hired then you will have to work with the client for the entire duration of the contract.

#11. Remote Staff

I personally haven’t tried Remote Staff before but I have heard a lot of people saying they were able to find jobs through the platform. So essentially, you sign up on their website and then check out the job listing they posted. If you see an opening that matches your skillset and experience, then you can hit the apply button.

Online ESL companies

online ESL companies in PHTeaching English as Second Language has been a popular service to non-English speaking countries in Asia and Europe for quite a while now. A lot of people, both kids and working professionals, want to learn the language to overcome barriers of communication especially when they travel. This is where ESL companies come in. Now, you can apply as an ESL teacher even if you don’t hold a BS English or BS Education degree. As long as you can speak and write the language proficiently, you can definitely try your luck. Below are some of the ESL companies I am familiar with here in Asia.

#12. 51Talk

Back in 2014 to 2016, I worked for 51Talk as an ESL teacher. I worked online and taught lessons to students ranging from 4 to 55 years old. The company caters to Chinese learners. I had students who were still going to school as well as business leaders who worked in large MNC companies in China. Back then my base pay rate was 50 pesos per one 25 minute class.

After a few months of training, I was able to reach 74 pesos per class. It was a straightforward job. You get a booking, you attend the class, finish your report and wait for another class. The students used QQ, Skype, or 51Talk’s whiteboard classroom.

#13. AcadSoc

I’ve heard about AcadSoc through some of my colleagues. And they tell me that it’s a good company to work for if you’re an ESL professional. It’s a worth-it option if you wish to build your career in teaching English to foreign students.

#14. Bizmates

Unlike AcadSoc and 51Talk and the rest of the ESL companies here, Bizmates caters to Japanese students. And from the ad, I saw last year, they focus on providing ESL services to Japanese professionals. They have a more serious tone compared to the rest of the companies I tried applying for before.

#15. ABC360

When I was still living in Baguio City, I applied for an ESL position in ABC360. Back then I was even lucky to meet their founder and was asked to do a demo teaching lesson with him. It seemed like a nice company, and from the small offices they have in the Trancoville and Camp John Hay, they were able to expand and hire more teachers. So, I would assume they’re doing quite well in the business.

#16 NativeCamp

I have seen a few ads of NativeCamp on Facebook and even on Manila Craigslist. They also cater to Japanese students. Unlike in Bizmates, they cater to various age groups.

Take note that there are plenty of ESL companies out there. If you would like to know more about them or see a more detailed comparison, head over to HowPo.Info’s comprehensive blog post on the ESL companies here in the PH.

Job Posting Sites/Classified Ads

job posting sitesClassified ads or job posting sites are definitely among the best places where you can find online jobs. You can find a mix of job postings there, both online and on-site jobs, so you need to make sure that you read the description well.

#17. Manila Craigslist

Manila Craigslist is a site where you can find thousands of classified ads. Essentially, you can find posts from online sellers of pre-loved materials as well as for-sale condominium units. However, they also have a specific section of the site that focuses on job postings. Now take note that the jobs posted there are either remote-work friendly or office-based so you should read the description to find one that suits your preference.

#18. JobStreet

JobStreet has been around for years. While the majority of their job postings are for office-based positions, occasionally they do have postings for remote work. Again, keep your eyes peeled for these openings.

Social Media

social media for online work huntingLast but not the least on my list of places where you can find online jobs is social media. If you think Social Media platforms are only for consuming content then you need to reframe your mindset. Today, it’s a gold mine for job opportunities. Whether you need something stable and long-term or a side hustle, you can find plenty of options on Social Media.

#19. Facebook groups

Facebook groups are probably the best places to look for online work. This is because you get to see the profiles of the people hiring for the job. You can easily do a fact check to avoid getting scammed. I was able to find side projects on FB groups alone. If you’re in the digital marketing or content marketing niche, you can join the following groups:

If you are looking for other online job postings, you can check out any of the following groups:

#20. LinkedIn

I definitely saved the best for last. If you want to find legit jobs, go to LinkedIn. In fact, I believe it’s the best place where you can find online jobs. Optimize your profile and check the postings of HR specialists from different companies. Every day, you get to find all sorts of job openings. Recruitment officers are also constantly looking for professionals. If you have a well-optimized profile, you might receive job interview invitations.

Best places where you can find online jobs

During these uncertain times, it would be quite problematic if you don’t have a stable source of income. Good thing, working online offers you the ability to earn money even without leaving the safety of your home. Take note of the top 50 places where you can find online jobs listed in the article above. Check them to see if they are a good fit for you.

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