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free guest postingThis Promdi is dedicated to delivering the most relevant content to our readers. We are also deeply committed to sharing as much content on province career, culture, food, lifestyle, and travel. That’s why we are more than happy to share our platform with talented writers who want to publish their content about provincial living.

Provided you adhere to the guest post editorial guideline and meet the basic requirement, we will publish your article free of charge. aims to become a haven for people who want to read and write about living in the provinces. It aims to become an active community of bloggers who are full-fledged probinsyanas or probinsyanos. We will provide you with your own byline, and if you contribute regularly, we can create an author page and badge for you.

We would love to publish content that fits into any of the following categories:

    • Local travel
    • Local delicacies
    • Local culture
    • Local history
    • Local news
    • Local traditions
    • Local food

Please send your topic pitches first to thispromdi@gmail.comĀ before you start drafting. We’d like to see if your topic is a good fit for our readers.

Ready to send your guest post today? Check out the editorial guideline below:

  1. Must be at least 500 words long [feel free to write as long as you want, as long as you don’t bore the readers!]
  2. Absolutely no fluff! We want to deliver as much value as we can to our readers.
  3. No plagiarized content please!
  4. Post must contain at least two copyright-free pictures.
  5. You blog post can contain 1 link pointing to your website, provided that it’s not a commercial page.
  6. No affiliate links please!
  7. Must sendĀ  2-3 sentences long author bio with your headshot image for your byline.
  8. Send your submission via email in MSWord or Google Docs format.